Friday, October 26, 2012

How to survive all you hater part 2

Hate on me hater!! "Go head and hate on me because my mind is free." Those are some of the lyrics from the ever lovely Miss Jill Scott. I was hearing this song and realized I needed to give some more advice about swatting off haters.

I never see myself as all that. I am just a decent guy with a few passions in his life. I love computers, smartphones, now writing, the people I truly care about and this spaceship called Earth. Yeah I sound somewhat like a hippie but you realize the things you truly love in this world when haters want to enter into your world. And, haters can ruin the beautiful landscape of life that you try to build for you and yours.

So here is another piece of advice to ward off hating evil spirits. A wise man once told me to "keep your game low but too high for alligators." You know I mean by that quote right? Don't let everyone know everything you are doing. Like my mom says "Don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing." Next whatever that you do, do it a little more and better than anyone else or at least strive for that accomplishment but not too high because everyone will know what you are doing then.

Think of the story of Icarus. Don't fly too low and end up in the ocean drowning but don't be too high where your wings will melt and you can't fly no more. Just do things a little under the radar but a little higher than undercover. That is the best way of handling your business.

Also at the end of the day let haters hate on. You never asked for haters to hate on you just like I never asked anyone to hate on me. I have no big ego. You will find that haters have some of the biggest egos in the world and everyone offends that honor. Just remember that your world has nothing to do with hate if you follow the pace of peaceful journey. I am not hear to hate on anyone or to make anyone hate on me. I am just doing my own thing and wanting to share the energy I have.

Well hate on me because my spirit and mind is free.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I can't do satire or be funny help!!!

So never let it be said that I like to write boring news or write news in a boring way. I do my best to have a little humor, satire and even confusion to break the already tedious day to day discrimination that you read about in the headlines.

So when reading about this guy Dr. Phil Snider and the way he stood up for gay rights I thought I would take the baton of ironic humor as he did, in his speech, in support of a anti-discrimination law which was just tabled. The law would have included homosexuality as one of the orientations to be protected in Missouri City.

When you first hear Mr. Snider's speech you would think his whole platform was anti-gay unless you missed the first few words in the beginning of his tirade when he says "I am in support of his law."

You would think he is a bigot and just can't stand gay people for sure but the speech was taken from an era when segregation was in full swing and many Christian leaders used the Bible to prove why white and black people should not mix. He used that same speech as a comical ironic protest to show how far we have come as a society when it comes to hate and discrimination.

I decided to keep the irony going and depicted the man as a hatemonger that can't keep his discrimination in the right order. I failed.

So for all of you that read my article on Google News no Dr. Phil Snider is not a bigot, he is for gay rights and this incident so reminds me of the "The Onion" fiasco but as they say that is another story.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Talk to the devil and post on You Tube

Hi everyone. The first thing I want to do is thank everyone who has come to the "Devil's Advocate" blog. I have been blasting this particular blog on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. I want to really promote this whenever possible.

The guy who writes this blog is fearless in expressing himself. A lot of people asked if I write this particular owner of the blog. Nope, I am not. I have contributed one article and plan on contributing more but the young guy who started this blog is passionate about advocacy in his own way.

He asked me about how to start a blog and really make it shine. To tell everyone the truth I am still trying to find out the secret myself. I just told him to stick to what you know, be passionate about what you write about and don't stop writing no matter what. I am sure there are more business aspects that will help him on his journey but I don't really know what grants a person high page counts and corporate sponsorship. If anyone knows the secret or can help in that area please contact me so I can pass the message to my friend.

And yes he remains anonymous for a reason. Probably because he is not ready to reach death threat status like I have for being a bit controversial.

So I am posting to my "I Got Something to Say" Channel and "The Gay Relationist" Channel on You Tube. If I have not said this before but the message is more powerful than the messenger so I don't give a fuck if those channels go viral. I just like talking about relationships and the issues that surround the gay community. I hope the message I bring or anything I say does some good to uplift the community. So you can check my channels at  and at

This is a short direct post so keep your head up, keep the faith and keep being sexy. See you later.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The real book of life is not edited

Let me start this post off by saying I am worried, scared and off balance with putting out my book. I am breaking all the rules to put out a new category or genre of writing that I call the "Reality Novella." Some might call me crazy but I call it misunderstood.

All your life you always hear about "the book of life".  Life is a stage and we are merely characters to  be played but in real life you have no chapters with little summaries to guide you and tell you what happens in living. A book is an edited, manicured recreation of whatever is drummed up in a writers mind which is printed using cookie cutter traditional standards.

Whenever I read a book I never read the chapter pages, preface or anything that will tell me what will happen. Sometimes in my mind I wonder why those elements are there in books which I understand the logical reason why.

Well as you can see, the picture in this post is the front cover of my book. Again, I am scared for this book to come out because it does not conform to anything but it steeped in symbolism the way it is written. I asked for no editing because though the book maybe fiction I wanted it to have as much realism possible. Books are edited for seamless, enjoyable reading with no mistakes if possible. That is not life.

Life has mistakes and lots of them. Life is not seamless and mistakes are some of the best things that can happen to you. When anybody writes there are going to be mistakes. When you speak you have a real voice and in writing you have a real voice that is stifled through editing.

Too many conditions and not enough realism or reality. I write the way that life is intended to be lived. The best way you know how, hope for the best but expect the worst but through all of it never stray away from speaking your "peace".