Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The real book of life is not edited

Let me start this post off by saying I am worried, scared and off balance with putting out my book. I am breaking all the rules to put out a new category or genre of writing that I call the "Reality Novella." Some might call me crazy but I call it misunderstood.

All your life you always hear about "the book of life".  Life is a stage and we are merely characters to  be played but in real life you have no chapters with little summaries to guide you and tell you what happens in living. A book is an edited, manicured recreation of whatever is drummed up in a writers mind which is printed using cookie cutter traditional standards.

Whenever I read a book I never read the chapter pages, preface or anything that will tell me what will happen. Sometimes in my mind I wonder why those elements are there in books which I understand the logical reason why.

Well as you can see, the picture in this post is the front cover of my book. Again, I am scared for this book to come out because it does not conform to anything but it steeped in symbolism the way it is written. I asked for no editing because though the book maybe fiction I wanted it to have as much realism possible. Books are edited for seamless, enjoyable reading with no mistakes if possible. That is not life.

Life has mistakes and lots of them. Life is not seamless and mistakes are some of the best things that can happen to you. When anybody writes there are going to be mistakes. When you speak you have a real voice and in writing you have a real voice that is stifled through editing.

Too many conditions and not enough realism or reality. I write the way that life is intended to be lived. The best way you know how, hope for the best but expect the worst but through all of it never stray away from speaking your "peace".

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