Sunday, October 21, 2012

I can't do satire or be funny help!!!

So never let it be said that I like to write boring news or write news in a boring way. I do my best to have a little humor, satire and even confusion to break the already tedious day to day discrimination that you read about in the headlines.

So when reading about this guy Dr. Phil Snider and the way he stood up for gay rights I thought I would take the baton of ironic humor as he did, in his speech, in support of a anti-discrimination law which was just tabled. The law would have included homosexuality as one of the orientations to be protected in Missouri City.

When you first hear Mr. Snider's speech you would think his whole platform was anti-gay unless you missed the first few words in the beginning of his tirade when he says "I am in support of his law."

You would think he is a bigot and just can't stand gay people for sure but the speech was taken from an era when segregation was in full swing and many Christian leaders used the Bible to prove why white and black people should not mix. He used that same speech as a comical ironic protest to show how far we have come as a society when it comes to hate and discrimination.

I decided to keep the irony going and depicted the man as a hatemonger that can't keep his discrimination in the right order. I failed.

So for all of you that read my article on Google News no Dr. Phil Snider is not a bigot, he is for gay rights and this incident so reminds me of the "The Onion" fiasco but as they say that is another story.

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