Saturday, October 6, 2012

Talk to the devil and post on You Tube

Hi everyone. The first thing I want to do is thank everyone who has come to the "Devil's Advocate" blog. I have been blasting this particular blog on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. I want to really promote this whenever possible.

The guy who writes this blog is fearless in expressing himself. A lot of people asked if I write this particular owner of the blog. Nope, I am not. I have contributed one article and plan on contributing more but the young guy who started this blog is passionate about advocacy in his own way.

He asked me about how to start a blog and really make it shine. To tell everyone the truth I am still trying to find out the secret myself. I just told him to stick to what you know, be passionate about what you write about and don't stop writing no matter what. I am sure there are more business aspects that will help him on his journey but I don't really know what grants a person high page counts and corporate sponsorship. If anyone knows the secret or can help in that area please contact me so I can pass the message to my friend.

And yes he remains anonymous for a reason. Probably because he is not ready to reach death threat status like I have for being a bit controversial.

So I am posting to my "I Got Something to Say" Channel and "The Gay Relationist" Channel on You Tube. If I have not said this before but the message is more powerful than the messenger so I don't give a fuck if those channels go viral. I just like talking about relationships and the issues that surround the gay community. I hope the message I bring or anything I say does some good to uplift the community. So you can check my channels at  and at

This is a short direct post so keep your head up, keep the faith and keep being sexy. See you later.

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