Friday, October 26, 2012

How to survive all you hater part 2

Hate on me hater!! "Go head and hate on me because my mind is free." Those are some of the lyrics from the ever lovely Miss Jill Scott. I was hearing this song and realized I needed to give some more advice about swatting off haters.

I never see myself as all that. I am just a decent guy with a few passions in his life. I love computers, smartphones, now writing, the people I truly care about and this spaceship called Earth. Yeah I sound somewhat like a hippie but you realize the things you truly love in this world when haters want to enter into your world. And, haters can ruin the beautiful landscape of life that you try to build for you and yours.

So here is another piece of advice to ward off hating evil spirits. A wise man once told me to "keep your game low but too high for alligators." You know I mean by that quote right? Don't let everyone know everything you are doing. Like my mom says "Don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing." Next whatever that you do, do it a little more and better than anyone else or at least strive for that accomplishment but not too high because everyone will know what you are doing then.

Think of the story of Icarus. Don't fly too low and end up in the ocean drowning but don't be too high where your wings will melt and you can't fly no more. Just do things a little under the radar but a little higher than undercover. That is the best way of handling your business.

Also at the end of the day let haters hate on. You never asked for haters to hate on you just like I never asked anyone to hate on me. I have no big ego. You will find that haters have some of the biggest egos in the world and everyone offends that honor. Just remember that your world has nothing to do with hate if you follow the pace of peaceful journey. I am not hear to hate on anyone or to make anyone hate on me. I am just doing my own thing and wanting to share the energy I have.

Well hate on me because my spirit and mind is free.

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