Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to survive all you haters part 1

So, haters are funny to me. I write a lot about this subject because I have haters. I have people that will publicly talk about my writing style saying that I express myself poorly, have grammar mistakes and errors which they express in a public forum.

I won't lie, it did get to me a little bit, at first, because I realized I was coming into a new world of writing, naked and going through trial by fire. I knew that I did not want formal training in the art of writing because I wanted to write unconditionally.

I have a message and I realized that if people are more concerned with grammar mistakes than reading the powerful message of unity that I feel will literally solve all the problems of the gay community then those are people I don't want in my corner.

Here is something that I did not realize that a good friend kept pointing out to me. I kept wondering why people would down someone just trying to express a message that is useful to a whole group of people. That is when someone told me those people might be jealous because I was getting noticed. When you are getting noticed that is something people want for themselves. In other words, I was becoming more popular and did not realize it.

I know I am not the best writer in the world, I have my own style, I have my own voice and it does not conform to the standards set by industry and learning. I am going to be me. I write unconditional as possible the same way I think, feel and speak. That is the easiest way I have found my voice and if that pisses you off then FUCK YOU.

There is the first lesson on surviving haters in anything that you do. I have been spending my time trying to find my voice and power which happens through breaking a lot of eggs, barriers and traditions. Some people don't care about that. Some people want to put you in the worst light because "bad light" travels faster than light-speed.

You keep finding you in anything that you do. Stay prayed up, head up and any type of "up" that is needed to keep your mind on track and focus. Haters don't care about the work that you do. They want to make themselves better by making you worse. Show haters, whatever you do, that you are the best at finding your place in life. At that point, haters are easy to knock off.

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