Monday, September 24, 2012

I got an indirect compliment about my book

So, I am very happy about the progress Publish America is making with my book. Nine months ago I gave them a collection of fiction stories that I rolled from my head that were inspired by my life.

I have to admit the progress has been slow, not to mention I have seen the negative comments about not allowing Publish America to produce any of my work. They have some what of a bad reputation on the net but from one bad reputation to another, sometimes you have to experience things and people on your own so I decided to take that chance.

Now here I am getting an e-mail from the head of the design team telling me they feel my book is non-fiction. I told him that my books are fiction based from my reality. In my reality there is a lot of sex, drugs and rock & roll. Does not mean I get what I asked for.

I never said that everything in my reality is based in truth when it comes to my novellas. It would be irresponsible to use real people and their lives in my writing. Not everyone wants to be put on front street. Not to mention that the only people real in my book is the main character which is a drama filled derivative of me. Think of it as melodrama on steroids. But also the main character is someone whose life is based in a drug world and a lot of the people he encounters are pimps, drug dealers and drug users which he is considered to be a rent boy without even knowing it.

I wrote the book in journal form to expand upon the development of the character. That is the only way to know the main character because you never see his name. The whole book flips from past to present from memory to actuality to really puts you in the mind of real life. It jumbled and somewhat off center as reality most of the time is. So, to get an e-mail asking for written permission from real counterparts of the characters I created was a great compliment because there is no real counterparts.

In the first book every gay man I meet is named David because it is a common gay name. That was the way the main character keeps his secrets from everyone by calling all his sexual encounters David because he is very promiscuous.

When you get down to it, my books is just about a guy that has the dream always wanting to move to Atlanta so I based the book on my reality and not anyone else's lives. It is a mixed up collection of  hodgepodge potpourri fictional events inspired by the nativity of my wet behind the ears self.  But I am proud that people believe it to be true. It makes me feel good. 

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