Thursday, September 27, 2012

Publish America has been wonderful so far

Ok, so here is my book update which I promise to give to the public periodically because I signed a contract with Publish America. Supposedly in the publishing world this is a no-no because of the bad rep that has been floating around the internet about this publishing company.

There has been many rumors about how Publish America doesn't really publish books, overcharge for the books they sell on their site or take any ole' manuscript and don't do a good job editing. There have been a number of complaints against the company that you can find.

My take on the situation comes from my own personal experience with Publish America. I just believe you can't take anybody's word as gospel when it comes to the internet. Everybody will not have the same experience dealing the same company. I went on different sites and there are a number of complements to match the number of complaints.

When you are a first time author wanting to express yourself and have everyone see your vision, you do what you have to do at times. So far Publish America has kept to everything they said they would do contractually. They sent me my advance $1, they got all permission forms they need from me, every time I have contacted them they have gotten back to me in a timely manner and they have been courteous over the phone and in e-mail.

The only things that concerned is that the fact they needed my approval on an issue which I believe held up the project longer. They claim that normally they can have a book in review status within nine months and it has been that long.  I am very patient, I am grateful they saw potential in my work because they are footing the bill and most of all I understand that I, as a first author, have lots of work to put in to make this venture successful.

I go in with my eyes open not expecting Publish America to do more than expected by the contract. For right now they get a 8.5 out of 10. I will keep you informed on the progress and trust me I will let you know if they slip up too.

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