Thursday, September 13, 2012


With technology ever growing the capabilities of what one can do is almost endless, time gives way to the fact that more and more barriers are being breached and heights are being reached in order to obtain the all mighty dollar. They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he does not exist. If that is the case, how dangerous is it not to believe that in a city as big as Atlanta someone is not tracking your credit card number or monitoring your mobile broadband transmissions?  How dangerous is it to believe there is no ghost in the shell?

For those that don’t know the reference “Ghost in the Shell” is one of the earliest Japanese anime that dealt with cyber-jacking, the ability to almost become one with a machine or information. What a lot of Atlanta residents fail to understand is that these sealed off boundaries surrounding your identities, banking information or even video has been broken by those are not frightened by the question “Should I?”

We are not talking about cyber avengers such as the hacktivist group Anonymous that use their gift to change the world on a global scale. We are mentioning those with the capability to peek in an out of closed doors and privacies of everyday people for profit. They prey upon the fact that no one has the innovative vision to see a smartphone as a gateway to people’s personal lives and without a thought, your personal business that you wanted to remained tucked away has been uploaded to be used for whatever reason.

Think about it for moment. If there are those that have the technology to ride by slowly and gather as much information as possible from credit card numbers, emails to  text messages, across a wireless feed, would it be so hard to think there is a group in Atlanta that has taken this power to a whole other level.

We use mobile phones, laptops and wireless broadband means to transmit data every day.
It would make sense that anyone that understands this realm of technology would have an upper hand in a metropolis such as Atlanta. The real threat comes from the fact that no would believe that a group would work that much in secret, patience and effort to be a cyber-threat for money. Is it no wonder that Atlanta Police Department is rumored to be using such vigilantes in their surveillance circles to loop around the rights of its residents, criminal or not.

Again, just rumors that everyone has the right to disbelieve but have the right to be aware of. Nothing to be frightened of until it is you that is in the middle of the so-called cyber storm.  Take it from someone who knows. If the way is possible then do not doubt that someone has figured out the means to reach those violating ends.

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