Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It is hard to believe a gay person did this to Cindy Close

Wow, this woman's story really touched my heart and I felt so bad for her. Beyond feeling terrible for this woman's tragedy I feel more sick at the fact that a member of the gay community would be so awful towards her.

The woman to the left is Cindy Close and she was betrayed by a man that Marvin McMurrey who she believed was a close friend. 

This all started some time back when McMurrey and Close had talked about being equal parents in raising a child together. Not as a relationship couple but as two good friends that would be loving parents to a child that she was give birth too. 

So after some discussion she was made pregnant by in-vitro fertilization using anonymous donor eggs and of course the sperm came from McMurrey. Cindy Close had twins and soon as those babies were born McMurrey filed legal papers declaring Close to be just a surrogate mother and that is all. 

If this story is true meaning you have a situation where a gay man, who never told this woman he was gay, befriended Close and tricked her into having these babies just to take them away; this man is truly sick. 
This woman had babies. These are not items or possessions you can take away and say they are mine and everything is alright. This woman has feeling and a bond because they were two lives in her body for nine months growing and being nurtured by someone who loved them. 

Let's really be honest. If feels like treachery and deception was used by McMurrey. If he was not so greedy and selfish he could see there is enough love for both of these children by all three individuals which consist of McMurrey, his boyfriend Phong Nguyen, and Cindy Close. They could work something out that does not involve the court if McMurrey was not being such a bastard at this juncture in the game.

I still feel sick that a member of the gay community, my community,  is being such a cunt and asshole. I guess selfishness knows no bounds because he literally stepped on this woman to gain what he wanted, again if that is the case. 

No matter who did what, the kids are the ones that suffer and being gay does not automatically make you a good person. But let's reserve judgement for the cunt until more information is found because he has to be the devil his due.

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  1. Thank you thank you for this post! We need to #GiveCindyBackHerBabies