Thursday, August 9, 2012

Continue chasing your white rabbit

Hi and if you can't tell from the picture on the left we are going to discuss white rabbits.

This message is very simple. Don't you dare give up on chasing your white rabbit. Everyone has a white rabbit to chase and yours is obtainable but nothing will be gotten from not
 attempting to catch the white rabbit in your life.

Now, what is a white rabbit?  It is your dream baby. It is everything that you always wanted and anything that you can think of. Whatever dream or goal that you have in you, don't you dare stop chasing it. It does not matter about odd.  Who cares about the odds. What matters is that you have something within you that that needs to be fulfilled and nothing short of reaching that dream will make you satisfied.

I have a white rabbit I am chasing now. I want be the best writer I can be to help the gay community through my articles and books. My white rabbit is to get the two books with Publish America finally published. I have another relationship book I would like to publish so I am looking for a literary agent and know nothing about how to accomplish that but I am going to attempt it anyway.

I have never been one to shy away form a white rabbit and you should do the same. Always follow your white rabbit where ever it leads you. I know what you are thinking. Don't worry about failing or being scared. Though we chase that dream with everything we have sometimes it was not meant to be but that does not mean you did not accomplish something along the way.

The journey of chasing a white rabbit is destiny at its best. If anybody ever told you that chasing your white rabbit is bullshit, is talking a lot of bullshit. I got dreams that need to be seen through and I am sure you that everyone reading this post has a goal or destination they need to see to the end.

So, don't you dare talk about the rabbit is too hard to chase. What is to be expected if the white rabbit was easy to catch. Victory is sweeter when the white rabbit is aggressively sought after which makes it unmistakable yours. Continue to follow your white rabbit.

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