Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thank you Anonymous: Friend of the gay community

So I have some things to say about the hacktivist group Anonymous. First what is a hacktivist group. Well remember the movies hackers that came out in the mid 90's. It was the very first movie you saw Angelina Jolie in. Well, it was about a group of kids that were hackers and they used there gift to harass each other but at the end of the day they stopped a worldwide environmental catastrophe. They had to call on the hackers of the world to help kill the supercomputer that was causing the problem but they got the job done. Just a bunch of nameless faces that cared about something more then themselves. That is what I consider Anonymous to be. 

Anonymous could be your neighbor, your friend, bus driver, school teacher, CEO of a huge corporation, billionaire or  just a poor shmuck walking by your house everyday. Anyone that is in the organization will never tell you because Anonymous is not about fame and glory. They are world activists, not terrorists as law enforcement want you to believe.

Right now they are number one in my book because of the shit they are giving Uganda about the criminalizing  of being gay in that county. Now being a man that is black and gay, you can see why I would give Anonymous a medal. 

I wrote a blog post few months back giving praise to Anonymous for trying to show us the way. There is nothing that can stop a people when we unite. Anonymous may not have money but they have all the resources of the world when all people unite for a common goal. This time the goal just happened to be standing up for the gay brothers and sisters in Uganda. The method cyber warfare. 

The one area where it does not matter if you are short, black, white, yellow or green. On the computer on the the net, you are as powerful as your mind is and at the end of the day, that is what power truly is all about. And let's not forget heart. The thing that allows you to move forward and gives you the will to follow your ideal past the vision into reality.

Well if Anonymous's reality is a world without bigotry, hatred and prejudice then I am all for that vision. Thank you Anonymous for doing what you do best which is opening our eyes. 

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