Saturday, August 18, 2012

It can be taxing being yourself

Sometimes it is taxing to be yourself. People want to make you into something that you are not, you are trying to find who you are and between all of that, you want to find your place in life.

I like helping people. I enjoy it. I did not know this a few months ago but I enjoy writing about the news and issues that affect the gay community; my community. So far it has been a hit an miss but all in great intention.

I always want to add my own voice, spin and flavor to the mix. Sometimes I get a little overzealous and my objectivity is questioned but my loyalty to uplifting the gay community is never an issue. The most I really about is if people feel what I am trying to convey when I write. I want to do a great job in fulfilling this responsibility of unifying the gay community and displaying the different perspectives in front of my eyes.

It moves me. For the first time in a long time something moves me.

Just like talking about gay relationships, I get great pleasure in passing on my wisdom if possible. The mistakes I have made, I never want anyone to follow in those footsteps though others will probably follow the same path; hopefully the lesson is learned faster by another.

When you get down to it, I just love writing. Whether I am putting in my two cents about issues confronting the LGBTQ, giving relationship advice or expressing myself through my writing art; I use writing to sort out what I can't understand. Sometimes, the most difficult view to interpret is the one right in front of your face.

Hmm...  interesting when you want to travel the path of being who you are. Writing allows me to understand that person a lot easier though the mirror image of that man is not always found in the issues or personal advice that I write about. Perhaps it is different sides just trying to get out but every part of me is filled with the power of being a brother's keeper.

All I can do is hold steady to the person that I am and hold tight to the principles I value dearly. No matter what person I discover to be, my ardent wish is for that person to great so I am able to give the greatest thing I possess to others. My perspective and knowledge.

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