Saturday, August 11, 2012

Great things could be coming my way

So, there are some great things that could be coming my way. I talked to my friend Bryan Zepp, which by the way, I suggest that everyone goes to his blog and learn some great lessons that I have been fortunate to have access too.

I have talked about Bryan in a couple of blog posts and now he becoming more well known for the work he is doing in Ormond Beach FL with HIV advocacy.

I am honored that Bryan wants to use my articles and work for a presentation that he is working on to present to his group for consideration to be placed on their activist blog.

As someone that takes writing very seriously, if sharing my work helps to further the gay community in any way; I am all for it. The awareness to the community is, of course, a great reward. I have a sense of community and unity that I do my best to convey in my work.

I honestly believe that unity is the base step towards the solution to solve most of the gay community's  problems. Everything from receiving gay-rights to stopping the spread of HIV is done through an ideal more powerful than one gay man.

To have a sense of uplifting the gay community, to be there for someone other than yourself and to have protection within that gay unity is something I strive to convey through my articles and blogs. The community has to want to "by thy neighbor" for each other and understand that the actions we take from this point on should be to help further the community as a whole.

People just don't understand how things can change over night if the LGBTQ knew who we are as a people and what we can accomplish within this world. There are events and points in American history that would have never came about if it was not for the gay community being a part of the fold. We are a people that have and will overcome all odds.

It is important to do more than just believe that the gay community has accomplished much. We should know, without a shadow of a doubt, this community has accomplished very much. Our unity is powerful and we should protect and nurture it, with all costs.

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