Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finished my first article for CBS

I am ecstatic that I finished my first assignment for CBS Local and I already have my second assignment. There are parts of me that so want to talk about this newest gig but my contract does not allow me to give details about the articles I write until they are published.

That is alright because this is something I still am going to share with everyone--at least the emotion part. I know big deal. It is just a freelance gig and anybody can get them. That is true but you are talking to someone that believes he not the best writer in the world. I am a just a guy that has a message and have always felts the message is more important, more relevant than the messenger.

Though the topic is not what I am used to, I am sure that I did the best job I possibly could and if not, that is what the edit button is for. The main thing is that I enjoy writing and I take pleasure in bringing the gay community together through my words.

The only thing now is to start writing for those porn websites like I always wanted. (hehehe) I wonder if they pay for the "inside track" if you know what I mean. Yeah I can use a little of that type of fluffing

I guess this is going to be a short post tonight. I think I used up all my writing energy worrying about doing a good job with CBS. I am sure once I get through this one article everything else will be like walking on sunshine. I just got to remember not to get to close to the sun.  As always keep the peace..

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