Monday, August 13, 2012

Don't hate me because I like "Sex and the City Movie"

OK, so I have to admit it, I enjoy watching the "Sex and the City" movies. I believe it has something to do with the character of Carrie Bradshaw played by Sara Jessica Parker.

You see, she writes about relationships in the Big Apple and I do the same but in the dirty south for gay people. When  you think about it, me and Carrie Bradshaw is not all that different. Actually, if it wasn't for being black, younger, male and gay we would be twins.

Well, at least we have the love of relationships seeing us through. I mean, she writes about love from a 30's aged female perspective when the show was on HBO and from the 40's aged outlook during the movie. She talked about finding relationships, interesting problems, different men but all based in keeping hope alive to find the one.

Me on the other hand, talk about HIV, keeping strong till you get the relationship you want, not being broken down by the partners that leave you and also interesting unique problems from a 30's aged gay man's skeptical point of view. But, no doubt, based in keeping hope alive to find the one.

Sometimes it is hard for me to know if I am more the Carrie Bradshaw or Dr. Drew from MTV's Loveline when he got down and dirty with talking about relationships. Hell, if I had any sense I would study the style of Dr. Ruth. Now there was a person that had no fear whatsoever to talk about any relationship topic.

Well it is 3a.m. kids have a hard day of bring the gay community together tomorrow. Keep it real and stay in love.

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