Saturday, August 25, 2012

Letter to young gay people that want to kill themselves

I just have this message in my heart and wanted to share it with every gay person as possible. Pass this message on today.

Every young gay person's life has meaning and has unlimited value. We will not let them die in vain.

 To sit here and write these words is not difficult at all because of the belief in the power they hold which is the same power in every last gay person in this country. It is the same power that binds all gay people in the same space and purpose. That whoever you are now is forever changed because you realize the energetic bond between us all and you no longer an individual in pain alone. You are now part of a family.

It is easy to die. It take less effort and energy than living and when you are young; trying to survive the world by being who you are, as a gay person, is hard enough. It’s not fair. It’s not fair to be ridiculed, put down, put out, disparaged, disrespected and discarded but some people are just cruel. There is reason behind this behavior but it is a moot point because it has nothing to do with you except for being the object of a person's anger. You just happen to be the right person at the wrong time in somebody else’s life.

To tell you that things get better is a lie and you probably had enough lies told to you for one lifetime. What you deserve is honesty and truth. If you feel like dying today because you can’t handle the pain of being who you are, here is the remedy to your wanting to die.

Things don’t get better because someone says so. Sometimes life becomes harder and worse than what you are going through now but the one thing that keeps us all going and yes, there are more than just you that want to die. The thing that keeps us all going is to know that we are needed.

It is a pattern that has cycled over and over again through history. The ones that feel downtrodden and defeated keep this world in balance and honest. We gather together, the underdog the long-shot and true people of this nation to fight a war of equality unlike this world has ever seen. We use suffering and sorrow as fuel to protect the gay individuals that  follows the same path of pain now and in the future.

You cannot take your life now because it has a purpose beyond yourself. Your life has collective meaning in the gay community. You are needed. You are needed to show this world the true strength and love of the gay community. Nothing can destroy and kill us off as others have tried in the history of gay Americans and you who wish to kill yourself now have this task and gift as part of you.

Gay men and women have died so that you have the privilege to stand up with pride to be who you really are and nothing in the world can change this fact because here you are today. Who you are matters and is needed to keep the cycle of life going till the day that all gay people will no longer suffer as you have.

Even the Bible says who is last will be first and since you now feel last in living you will be the first example of strong life. Your life, someone tried to destroy and that life will be an example for young gay people to build from. So you see, you can't die now. So many gay people will depend on your life to show them how to live.

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