Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yes I am The Gay Relationist

So, this post is to answer the question a few of you had about another channel mysteriously popping up with a picture of me with my shirt off. Let me put the rumors to rest. Yes I am "The Gay Relationist."

Now we have to answer the question "What the hell is a relationist?" No, there really is no such word as "relationist" but I figured since everyone has been giving themselves a self-proclaimed title of with "ist" at the end it was bound to be my turn.

If everyone remembers I started out being a column"ist" writing relationship articles which I still do faithfully. Since starting my relationship column and taking on my gay issues column, I realized something. These two subjects I care about deeply.

I am passionate about everyone in the gay community having a relationship they can be proud of, if they so desire. A relationship is not meant for everyone and in the gay community there are so many variances of relationships it is hard to keep track.

Here is the thing, I want people to succeed where I have failed. I want people to  know the happiness that I have felt and how to handle the pain they will go through. A gay relationship is not seamless. There will be rough times that will accompany the smooth ride but no matter what you go through, everyone must admit they need someone in their life. It does not matter if it is a sexual, full-fledged, friends with benefits or just open free-for-all relationship. Everyone needs companionship of some sort or fashion and if you are the type that believes the love between to people is powerful then my column is what you should read because I believe the same thing too.

I dedicated a whole You Tube Channel, Facebook, and Twitter account to the name The Gay Relationist because I felt I was not dedicating enough energy into conveying the message of maintaining, protecting and building a loving gay relationship.

We are a unique people and our relationships reflect that ideal. I truly believe that if you are one that want to have a gay relationship succeed, then I want to share my experiences so that you may learn from my mistakes and we can all be loved together.

Not to sound like Don Cornelius from "Soul Train" but LOVE PEACE AND SOUL. I do believe you can have that special someone even in this gay world that many impossible to have. I want to prove them wrong.

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