Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A most important message I can hope to give

If ever I wanted to say something, this is the moment and most pivotal point to share what this feeling to the gay community. When I look at my life I am not proud of every moment. I am not the best writer in the world. I have not accomplished all that I have set out to do. I am sure there are many aspects of my life that people see that does not show me in the most favorable light. I am just a person that goes through struggle and trouble like anyone else but now I  understand that not everyone will be on your side no matter what side of the of the fence you are on. But, the one thing in my heart and in my spirit that is real has always been the wanting to help others, to help the gay community any way I can and above all to help people.

You see, the reason I am writing this now, is because I received certain comments about some of the articles I have written and there are others that see parts of my life in nothing put limited view. I did not realize how much it gets me down when you right about something you believe in with the purpose of supporting something greater than yourself just to have people's perception of you become a determining factor in your effectiveness to get your message across. I guess it is hard to preach the word of God to a congregation if you can't live by the principles you convey to your flock. 

Well, I am not a preacher, I am a gay man with problem and issues like anyone else. That means, I fail at being everything I want to be just like anyone else but not matter what my readers, fans and this world perceives about me, I will continue to fulfill all that which is within my spirit and heart. No matter what low points or high grounds of life I find myself in I will continue to write about what I believe in, passionate about and what effects this community. No matter what part of my life is visible to anyone or what anyone may say about me or too me, I will continue to convey my message because it is what I believe in.

So, I say to anyone that feel hurt, betrayed, low in their life depressed or just plain fed up. Don't stop the dream. Don't stop the movement and don't stop being you. If you're passionate about something don't allow anything to stand in your way to fulfill what you have in your heart. You will always have someone that will not agree with you, not like you, hurt you or even try to get others to see the worse of you but not matter what people say about you the most important thing is what you see in yourself. 

I am new to the little fame game, which means what little fame I have is detoured by negative opinions which is ok. Life is full of people that want to breakdown the person you are to make it hard for people to see what you want to convey. But, if you are like me and feel you have a calling to be part of something bigger than yourself,  that is all that matters. What is real in your heart will always be more powerful than any perception anyone may have. It is those who have heart that will see and understand what is true. 

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  1. Greg,

    I am glad that you wrote this. I haven't looked at the comments that prompted this posting. But I have told you ever since I met you that you needed to write, I encourage you every time we talk.

    You must remember that you are only human, that you have made mistakes, but who hasn't? Keep in mind that those that are judging you are trying to hold you to their own standards. It doesn't exactly work like that because you are not them, what is right for you and them are two totally different things. You must be strong within yourself, honor that voice inside of you that has a message for your readers.

    You have come a long way from when you first started will continue to grow and as you do you are going to experience things and make even more mistakes, it is expected.

    But keep in mind your life is now going to be open to anyone, don't let what they say get to you. As I told you on the phone the other night everyone has opinions like assholes and they are going to try and hurt you and keep you down. They don't want to see you succeed, they want you to fail and stay like them, mired down and doing nothing with their lives. We talked about this everyone of our friends is still doing the same thing, acting the same way, and doing nothing to better themselves. That alone makes you different and no longer part of their world.

    When you start to feel bad because of what someone said, think back to this, you are helping others, giving advice that is sorely needed. You don't have to answer to anyone, and whether someone takes your advice and runs with it, great, if they don't that is their choice and their problem. Also keep in mind as I said earlier for different people different things work. Not every piece of advice is going to work for everyone. Just like you cannot make everyone happy all the time.

    Stay strong, don't be discouraged, there are people out there reading your work and get this some of us have known you from the beginning, been with you through it all and know how much you have changed and grown. I have known you longer than pretty much anyone, I was your friend before all of these people, and I have been there for the 8 years at least if not longer. You are doing fine. Don't worry about them. Read my blog entry "So What, Who Cares, Get over it." The smallest things become trivial when you adopt the So what attitude....Keep your chin up and fight back using PMA (positive mental attitude).

    Love ya Bryan