Sunday, July 29, 2012

Your life must be your own

You know, life is sometimes like a short man with a funny hat. When this odd looking fellow is right in front of you,  you don't know whether to laugh or have pity for the soul. You definitely don't want to make him your friend because at first glance you are not sure what he has to offer at the time.

Somewhere between the smirking and the caulking you come to your senses to realize that he is a person that can be hurt like any other. All the apprehensive awkwardness is something in your mind because the funny man that is in front of you has not said or done anything to throw your perception of him a curve ball.

Then all of a sudden without hint or preview of movement, that little man throws off his hat and you realize that you have been looking at yourself. All the emotions that you placed upon the head of a man that you believed to be separate really was just an image that manifested into real life because you had no other to transfer your emotions onto.

OK, so why talk of funny little men, hats, life and deep introspection? Because that funny little man could have been a brave solider, competent being, fierce warrior or anything that you wanted him to be if given the opportunity to look again. When we look into ourselves it is hard to excuse the pain that we feel. The amazing person and power within us all is overshadowed with doubt, rage, skepticism and pain. So, to cover it all up we envision someone that would either blend in or not to be noticed at all.

There are times where I feel I want to meld into average normalcy and no that is a not a slip of the fingers upon my keyboard. I used two words synonymous with each other to convey the intensity of wanting that wish to come true but now I realize something. It was not meant for me to be in some shadowy place where I am not noticed. I am more than I could ever possibly imagine and I want to keep growing.

This is something that all of you out there need to feel if you have never felt the value of admiration in the person that you are. You are more than just somebody that exists. This Earth and this universe would not be the way it is without you because the Creator of All placed you here. There is no "What if you weren't here."  You are here and nothing in the world can change that nothing. Because each of you are power personified you have the ability to be great and make no mistake, the life you have is your own. Make something beautiful out of it, because when your eyes close for the last time in this world, you never want to regret what you know you could have been.

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