Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mark S King is the man

So I am truly tripping over Mark S, King and his latest contribution to the Huffington Post. So much so, I actually written a spotlight article to highlight the subject matter that Mark is conveying to the public. Oops.. Can I call him Mark?  It is not like we are on a first name basis or even met but still, I am a huge fan of his work.

If you know anything about "The King" he has a blog and website in which he takes a lifetime of his pain and brings out a positive message to all the gay boys and girls out here in the real world. You don't have to be down and out living with HIV.There is life after infection and that is the message he really is putting out there.

But back to his article titled "The Most Important Gay Porn Film Ever Made" which is more of a very informative sexual history lesson of the gay male culture. Which by the way, do you want to take a stab at what that porn happens to be?  If you have not seen the poster below this paragraph it is "Dawson's 20 Load Weekend."

Mark S King you are the man to bring this subject into interesting perspective. Now I am not trying to judge because lord knows I have seen this particular porn many times and the sequels to Paul Morris's work but I never really saw the porn as a pivotal point in the bareback sexual revolution from the previous decade.

When you read the article and really think about us, meaning all us gay men 30 years of age and older, this movie did bring back a common sexual practice that really needed to be in check. When this movie came out the nation finally got a stranglehold on HIV infections and people were more able to cope with new medication and education of safer-sex practices. Simply put, the movie glorified bareback sex to a community that needed to have bounds during a time gay men weren't looking out for each other.We confused sexual freedom with sexual irresponsibility. With that statement made I want to stress that every gay male out there need to take responsibility for your own personal health. No one else should be more invested in your not becoming HIV positive than you. Wear a condom if you don't want it to happen.

Now, I am not going to sit up here and be a hypocrite as if I don't enjoy porn. I like watching porn, I enjoy Dawson's porn and I believe Treasure Island is the best but Mark King educated me on something when I read his article. Dawson did his first movie after he found out he was positive so this movie was spawned out of a "I am positive now so fuck it" attitude. This type of attitude most gay men have in this game of promiscuous sexual liberation.

Now, I am not knocking bareback sex but I will always promote safer-sex practice and I want to promote something Mark wrote, can I call him Mark. The gay male community doesn't really look out for each other when it come to our sexual behavior. Looking out for one another and not destroying the community health wise by carelessly spreading the disease is not heavily practiced. So he preaches the same message I always have about unity and community, so me and Mark, damn there I go again, are on the same page.

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