Monday, July 16, 2012

I am kind of mad at Frank Ocean

I got something to say about this Frank Ocean coming-out mess that has been in buzzing in the media for last week or so. When I first heard about a black male hip-hop artist coming out to represent  himself as gay, I was like cool finally some real courage in the mix.

I have to admit I had no idea who Frank Ocean was. really was not aware of his music but to be honest he is not reached super star status yet. I took the time to check out his music, words and verse. To tell you the truth, the brother is quite copacetic.

Now, a couple of weeks later after he followed the example of my baby and soon to be husband Anderson Cooper (now watch someone is going to take that seriously) I talked to some of my media contacts and found out there is a rumor going around that Frank Ocean may not be gay. Some people believe that he is playing gay just to sell songs and make some money.

OK, what kind of shit is that? Now I am not sitting up here writing a blog for everyone to see this man's business online because I don't know if the rumors are true or not, but it will be hell if it is. Personally, I hope it is not but you have to admit the time is almost as opportunistic and suspicious as Obama shifting his gears during an election year.

Being gay is profitable. Everybody wants a gay person in the mix because it creates rating, controversy or something that get people noticing what is going on. It makes me think of  Little Richard. When he had a band they were known as "The Upsets" because he style and music seem to upset everybody.

Well you better believe if this rumor is true that Frank Ocean or should I say "Fake" Ocean is going to upset every gay person in the joint. When we support one of our own we come out in full force. Our pockets are deep and we roll deeo. So, if Frank Ocean thought he gained something by coming out of the closet perpetrating being gay; God give it and gay people take it away.   I SAID WHAT I HAD TO SAY!