Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fuck You Boy Scouts of America

Look at this kid recreating Jesus Christ on the cross like he is going through a mock stigmata. When looking at something like this and after hearing that the Boy Scouts of America did not want to change their policy, the only thing I have to say is FUCK YOU. Which is one of  issues they have a problem with right now in their ranks.

Next to the Catholic Church no other organization has such a problem with pedophiles having sex with minors. That is probably one of the reasons they are keeping the boarders closed to openly gay members child and adult alike.

The BSA claims they don't want to have to explain homosexuality to any of the youth members and that type of discussion should happen at home. Well no duh!  You are right on that issue, discussion about sexuality should be done at home, but when you figure that troop leaders are nothing but mostly parents volunteering wanting to be part of their children's lives, home is anywhere you go within the organization.

The real problem has to with money or should I say religious money. The BSA has always had God's money in their back pocket, meaning the church. You better believe that a private organization like BSA can only keep going through the heavenly donations provided from various religious organizations though it is not publicly admitted.

In fact there whole offense deals in trying to appease public opinion but always keeping to their core prejudices. This secret two year examination of their policy that everyone is just hearing about is nothing but a lie just to make it look like they gave their best effort for true social change. In reality, they probably was scared they would piss off their holy-rollers that help bank roll the organization.

So, for all you people out there that want to join so bad, just don't ask and don't tell but even the military canceled that injustice out.

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