Friday, July 20, 2012

Gay bashing is alive in Louisville as girl is attacked by anti-gay bigots

It is hard to believe that openly gay individuals have to cautious and fearful of being who they are in 2012 but after a brutal attack of a 17-year-old girl in Louisville KY two days ago by anti-gay bigots, a warning of caution needs to go out to all gay people in that area.

What cowards they must be to have four adults beat up a child, a young girl no less, to the point of having a plate inserted into her jaw. That is one of the many injuries afflicted onto this teenage as she was thrown on the ground and kicked from head to toe. Now she has teeth missing, jaw broken in several places and mouth wired. A painful experience no one deserves. 

The girl, whose name is being withheld from the media with good reason, was walking home from the store with two younger male friends that happen to be brothers. One of the brothers noticed a suspicious group of adults following them. He became frightened enough to call his mother, Andi Hornback, to tell her of the impending danger but before she could get their location the attack started. One of the young boys was given a concussion while trying to help his friend.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Dwight Mitchell, public information officer with the local police gave a description of the assailants. There were four adults, two white males and one biracial male and one light-skinned female. During the attack the boys heard anti-gay slurs and comments come of the mouths of the attackers. For this reason, the Louisville Police is looking to the matter as a hate crime.

First, prayers go out to all that were hurt during this despicable and cowardly attack. Also, a thank you goes out to the young boy that got hurt trying to help our gay sister. We hope you get better soon.
This is where we need to come together as a gay community.

This makes three sisters, of the LGBT community, attacked in the last month. If everyone remembers, Kristene Chapa who is still recovering in the hospital in Texas and Mollie Olgin that lost her life after, both shot in the head; now this vicious attack makes a bloodshed trinity. But, through the genetics that makes us a gay community and family, we will come together to stand up for each other during these hurtful times. When one of us is hurt we are all diminished. 

If anyone know anything, saw anything or know who these hoodlums are, please contact the Louisville Police Department. Whoever these terrible animals are that attacked our sister in Louisville will not get away. Justice will be served.

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