Saturday, July 14, 2012

Which one would you pick Anderson or Drew

So, I know we have touched on this subject briefly and I definitely thought my mind was made up but there are some parameters that have changed. We must revisit the question and start the analysis all over again. It was a tough decision between who I found more attractive, Anderson Cooper or Dr. Drew Pinsky.  

Now that Anderson has come out of the closet, I have to say that something is different. At first I thought Dr. Drew was more attractive than Anderson Cooper but now that I know there is a millimeter of a chance in hell that I can actually get to first base with Anderson, my outlook has changed. 

Come on, you have to go with your strengths or at least go with the easiest guy in the room. If all three of us were in a room together, at least I know Anderson would give me somewhat of a look and I would be licking all over him like butter beans on rice.  

Easier there sailor, I better get control of myself. I heard Dr. Drew's wife like to cut a bitch. I don't want her coming after me but she can't blame a guy for caulking at her man. Dr. Drew is fine as hell but I know I would not have a chance in hell. He is straight and besides, he is a therapist and doctor too. Dr. Drew probably would tell me no and then charge me the same money as the rock-stars he treat in his clinic. I don't have that type of change to be chopped off the block.. 

If I am going to be told no, it might as well be by an "A" list gay celebrity that that understands my pain. Like anyone would tell Anderson Cooper no. Look at the arms on this man. All you gay guys out there, is there any one of you that would kick Anderson Cooper or Dr. Drew out of the bed if you had half a chance to get with these two. Inquiring minds want to know. 

Why don't we do a little poll. Comment on this post to which one you would want to be with. Hell, I think this topic might be worth putting up a poll just for the fun of it, on the page, to see where this discussion goes. 

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