Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where is this boy's mama at

If I ever had anything to say now would be the time. If you have not seen this video, please click the play button above this paragraph right now. When I saw this video the only thing I could of is "Where is your mama at?" 

The name of this little man is Albert and the name of the video he is starring in is called "Booty Pop".  I am going to be real. If I did not laugh as hard I did, I would be mad at this child's parents. I am a gay man which means my sexual mindset is supposed to be more advanced than most but there is nothing advanced about a 6 year old boy standing up and having two grown ass women's butt-cheeks on both sides of this boys face. Where they do this at?

The sad part about the whole thing is that most people in the black community will not find a thing wrong with this young black male strutting around with this shirt off and  half naked women in bikinis shaking their asses with him singing the chorus "I can make your booty pop...booty pop...booty pop." Where is his mama at? Why is she not snatching Albert's butt up by the shorts with a switch, in one hand, giving him a spanking saying "If you talk about booty popping one more time, I'll pop your booty right now?"

I can understand that, with all the wild stuff that you see on the net, you have to "one-up" the competition but damn, is this what we are reduced too. And why did it have to be a young black male in the video? There are just as many young white males that will sing the same thing for less money that is if the boy got paid for all the hits on You Tube.

The bottom line is, this stuff is crazy and it perpetuates the hyper-masculine sex stereotype of the black man. The last thing we need is more perceived sex and less mindful steps.  I SAID WHAT I HAD TO SAY      

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