Thursday, July 5, 2012

Publish America has my book past the editing phase, next stop design

So I have been contacted by my publisher, Publish America.  It seems that my book is past the text editing phase and is waiting on a designer to take on the task of designing my book. There is no doubt I am very excited with every month that passes knowing that my book will soon be in print. There are parts of me that want to thank everybody I possibly can before the book has a chance to be put on paper. 

There is something within me that believes my life will change when my book drops online and on bookshelves in stores but there will be somethings that will remain the same. I would love to revel in this thing called success but I still have to pay the devil his due. Work is not done. Besides, there are thoughts in the back of my mind that tell me there will be some issues along the way. 

Publish America has a huge reputation online as being scam artists and game players. Publish America is rumored not to be the traditional publishing company they advertise on their site. There are loads of articles that describe every type of complaint you can think of from contractual problems and not proofreading the book properly to not putting out a book at all sometimes. 

Publish America is huge in the publishing games as far as quantity of books published so you know that not every author can be totally catered too. There will be problems. Not to mention with as many complaints found on the net there are also accolades and commendations for service. So who do you believe? Well I choose to believe how they have treated me so far. So, for all of you out there wanting to publish with Publish America here is my truthful and accurate experience to date. 

I sent them my manuscript, they read over my work. They accepted my work. They sent my a contract. I read the contract thoroughly.I understood my signing bonus was only a $1 but since I had not money to self-publish and they are footing the bill to produce the book, I did not care if they gave me a huge advance. I am a brand new author with little fame. If I was Denzel Washington then I would be at Harper Collins wouldn't I? They sent me my $1 on time which is a good sign because if they could not send me $1 within the contractual time-frame then getting $30,000 would be a little difficult. In the contract it said they reserve the right to advertise to their discretion which means, if they want to sink $10,000 into marketing they will and if they don't they won't. I have been getting the word out on my own and every since I sent the contract back to them. They said it will usually take six to nine months to have a book produced which they accepted two books from me not just one. It has only been six months so far they have lived up to every contractual expectation they have set. And they have been courteous on the phone and in e-mail. When I have called them they actually have called me back. 

So that is my accurate, bias and truthful account of my experience so far with Publish America. Even with all the advice given on the net you have to chose what to believe.Ultimately the decision is yours. I know it will be difficult all the way around and still lots more work to do but I call myself blessed that they wanted to publish my work inexperienced as I was. So until they do me wrong, I give them a "A" in the grade book so far. 

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