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So I am in a good mood about blogging and learning a lot. I talk about my third book and a few of my readers asked me where the first two segments to the series are.  They are being edited and produced by Publish America. I also want to take the time to thank them for giving my book the chance it deserves.

You will not believe all the rip off publishers out there that is just about getting your money and want to talk bad about other publishers like Publish America.  Publish America has not asked me for a dime and I can't wait to see what they have produced out the work I have given them.

Until then please enjoy the excerpt from the second segment of my series For The Love Of(verse two)

A few months ago I came into Atlanta early Friday morning on the bus. Miles was so cool to pay for the bus ticket but he told me that two hundred dollars of his money was stolen. He was playing with some guys right before I came into town and one of the guys that was there was supposed to get some tina for him.  This guy left and never came back after finding out Miles was going to buy a bus ticket for me.  When he told me that something in me did not set right and it kept in my mind like some sort of mystery to solve. 

Soon as I got there I tried to get in touch with Mitchell to let him know where I was and what had been going on but he was nowhere to be found. 

Saturday night came around and I remembered Miles asked if it was alright to have only him and me in the house that day and not invite anyone else over. It was fine with me but he could not keep to his word for nothing. 

That same evening some guy called and Miles gave him the ok to come over. I did not say anything about it but I did offer to pay for the cab ride when the guy got there.  When this guy showed up Miles insisted that he would go out and pay for the cab fare himself. Now he was already hi as hell in the bed naked but he insisted to do so.  I said ok and he left out to make his way to the front gate.  Twenty minutes went by and I kind of wondered what happened to him.  I figured Miles wanted some alone time to talk to him before he came in.

Well I was in the bathroom and I heard someone yelling my name.  It was Miles yelling for me from outside the front door.  He had crawled all the way to his apartment from the gate.  It seems that when he got to the cab he forgot his wallet which had his money and gate key.  So instead of walking all the way around to the call box, which would have allowed him to call me so I could let him in, he jumps over the fence like the six million dollar man and sprained both his ankles like a ten dollar ho. 

I helped him inside where I called the ambulance but he insisted that I take his friend's truck and leave for a while.  Why would he not want me there for when the ambulance showed?  Maybe he thought it would be too many questions. Whatever the case I took the keys and left out. I did not want to disrespect his wishes but I felt so bad by leaving.

I felt like I was betraying him. When he needed me the most here I was leaving out.  I wondered around for a little while and soon came back to the apartment. His place was a mess from the time of entering in the door.  With him finally gone it gave me the opportunity to clean.  I called Miles on the phone early morning and thank God he was alright. 

The doctors in the emergency room put two soft casts on his legs. I picked him up later that morning from Piedmont Hospital. We stopped and filled the prescription doctor wrote out for him before we went back to his apartment. 

Now in-between all the stuff that was happening Miles’s laptop got messed up somehow and I had another computer I was trying to fix.  He was like a little kid.  Miles yelled at me all day and was being a real asshole. It got to the point I had to get a hotel room across the street just to get some peace so I could work on the both computers. 

When I came back to make sure Miles was alright he was one the ground asleep next to his flat screen TV.  He was supposed to stay in bed according to the doctor for the first week.  Moving around too much could cause more physical problems which could call for surgery. When I saw him on the ground I asked what he was doing on the floor but he gave me another lie as usual.

I started cooking his dinner hoping that would calm him down.  Miles tore into me some more and while I was cooking his food he cussed me out and I will never forget to this day what he told me. 

He said  “ You are a worthless son of a bitch that will not amount to anything and that I did not deserve to have anyone love me and that he hopes I know what it is like to be alone all the days of my life.” 

After fixing his dinner, serving him and us eating I went back to the hotel.  When I say I was not going to go back until morning I was very apt to keeping my word.  Normally I say exactly what I mean but Miles was a good friend to me. He is a decent person that has been there for me on a few occasions.  I thought to myself that maybe the medication was messing with his behavior and that is why he said all those hateful things. 

I went back around midnight to check on Miles. The security guard saw me come into the complex and I told him that Miles was letting me stay there for a while. I had the key but when I got to the door it was already open. When I entered into the apartment Miles was on the floor again.  For the second time he was on the floor naked.  I thought a trick came by but this time was different though. 

I leaned over him to make sure he was alright and his muscles in his neck started to contract.  His eyes crossed and I knew that something was wrong.  I called 911 and told the lady on the phone what was going on.  She told me that he was having a seizure. I could not believe it. This was the first time going through anything like this up close and personal. 

She asked me was there any liquid coming out of his mouth.  Soon as she said that a clear fluid started to sputter from his lips.  He started to have trouble breathing. She instructed me how to left his neck back so he can breathe.  I was so freaked out. 

The ambulance came quickly but they could not get in the gate.  Miles disconnected the cable modem from the phone so they could not contact us to let us know they were there and could we could not let them in. The security guard let the EMTs into the gate and they showed up at the door.  There were five of them.  I got out of the way and let them do what they do best. 

Now I was so distracted with what was going on with Miles I did not noticed the pipes and tina he had all over the place. The paramedics got mad because they felt Miles was not having a seizure and he was on as they call it “different plane of consciousness”.  Basically they thought he had over dosed because they found a couple of the pipes and some baggies laying around. 

I found it disturbing that they really did not care about his condition too much after discovering that stuff but at this point I was sweating bullets.  I did not want to go to jail because of the shit he had laying around. I started to go around that apartment picking up anything I could find.  Eventually they strapped him to a gurney (because he was kicking everybody) and took him away. That was after I had to get his pants on because he was naked as three jay birds. 

After everyone left the silence finally hit me.  I felt more alone and a little frightened as well.  If Miles would have died they would have asked me a lot of questions. I was the only one seen being around him.  I did not even see the other guys that he was partying with.  Hell the security guard was the only one that saw me go in and out of the door. Somewhere in my bones I knew someone else was involved in all this shit. 

I have left Miles alone a million times by himself and he has never overdosed a day in his life since I knew him.  He partied harder than I did.  I have a feeling that someone helped him get to that state or took a blind eye to what was going on while they were with him.   Someone was there minutes before I stepped into the room.  To this day I will never stop looking for that person that tried to leave my friend for dead.  

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