Thursday, April 26, 2012

You are now looking at Atlanta's new gay issues Examiner

Hi everyone. I am very excited to take on the position of being the new Atlanta Gay Issue Examiner.  I already write a column as Atlanta's Gay Relationship Examiner and want to say thank you to everyone that supports me and reads my articles.

I say and write this all the time but writing is something I recently decided to take seriously. I had major doubts that I was any good at writing or if I could write informative articles that anyone would enjoy. I can see by the fans that recognize me, by the number of readers to my column and by the interaction in the social media that you really do appreciate my work. There is no doubt I appreciate all of you as well.

When I first approached the idea of writing hyperlocally it overwhelmed me at first but there is enough city in Atlanta to go around. My next project is wanting to be a correspondent for the network GAYTV so I might be on TV soon so wish me luck.

Don't forget to tweet "Reuben Lack for President" because this young man, though he is straight, was put down  by his high school administration because he stood up for our rights. Please read the article at and don't let him tackle this battle alone.

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