Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I may be single

A few days ago I was just told by my boyfriend of four years that I have not been happy in our relationship for quite a while now. After that he gave this strange goodbye in his message like he was breaking up with me.  It took a few days to contemplate what really was going with him and what is going on in my life.

First how is somebody going to tell another person how they feel in any situation. I realized he has done that a lot in our relationship instead of asking me how I felt. 

Second I am a gay relationship columnist.  How was I going be an expert in gay relationships when I can't seem to make my own work?  Then I figured out I have to be me and give my readers and fans what they want and need. My job is to give what knowledge and wisdom to you that I can from the good, bad and ugly.  However it is my wish to show you all what is beautiful. 

Third if I am single now I don't have time to shut down. I have a world out there that needs exploring.  We can help each other and I plan to put all my energy into that so help me Jesus. hehehehe. 

So I got news for all the so called "stable people".  There is more of us that go through problems than there are of you that feel you have your life together.

Time to get on the soul train.  LOVE PEACE and SOUL.  

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