Friday, April 13, 2012

I may look like a fool

So I may not be as single as I thought.   My boyfriend wanted to have a text message conversation over the internet as usual. We can't have serious conversations in person or at least over the phone.  No, it has to be over the internet.

So he expressed how he was mad at a few things but it could not be about me.  We have not seen each other for a little while with me visiting my hometown of Aiken SC and him bouncing around so much. 

He said the last time we were together we did not spend a lot of time with each other.  Well  that is not my fault.  He was the one helping everyone else as much as possible. He also said that I acted like I did not want to talk to him. I told him I have a blog, a column and books I am trying to write.  

Do I look like a fool? He knows that if he really needs me I will drop all things to listen to what he has to say but he never had need of me to ever do that. So it makes me think is everything alight with him?  If I ask him he will just give me the same old man answer of "everything is ok". 

I guess my book and my work is never done.

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