Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another day that ends in "Y"

Everyday can't be a James Bond flick.  It would be nice for a change of pace.  The main thing that is important is that my stepfather is ok.

I check on him as much as I possibly can without letting him know I check on him. He spends a lot of time on the porch or sitting out in the yard so I always find myself peeking out the windows to make sure he is alright. 

He has some sort of Pulmonary Lung Disorder which I am trying to find out about as much as possible. He is taking a new medication so I am learning about that as well. 

I just don't want him to feel less of a man as if he is some sort of a child that has to be checked on every few minutes. After he had those strokes that one year I promised myself as long as my eyes can see I will be watching for his health.  

You have to be careful though. The one thing he don't want to be is bothered with something but it beats not wanting to be right about everything.  

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