Tuesday, April 10, 2012

FOR THE LOVE OF(Verse Three)

This is the cover to the unedited third segment of my novella series For The Love Of.  You have no idea how proud I am for taking the initiative to create this book from writing it, creating the cover, to publishing it on Smashwords.

I started taking writing seriously only a year ago, and I definitely have not skills at creating covers and editing a book but the one thing I knew I wanted was to create something real with my own hands from start to finish.

The pictures on the front are of the three people I love the most. The things I write about may be fiction but it was taken from something very real and it is like a rewind in time for me in reliving those episodes.

I wanted to write a book different than any other that engages the reader directly like a best friend. Every person that reads my book I consider a good friend because I am sharing what is real from my life, created with my hands and stamped with a seal of approval from my soul.

So here is one of the most personal sections from my book For The Love Of(verse three) and I hope everyone enjoys it.

I remember what happened on my last birthday.   Mitchell and I actually moved into that apartment complex off of Peachtree close to Peachtree Mills Rd.(the one that banned me from the premises) Now it about nine pm and three more hours till my birthday.  Mitchell informs me that Rick would be over in a few minutes.  Mitchell love to makes these plans and tell me at the last minute.  His friend Rick is another shady character that you couldn't throw far enough to believe what comes out of his mouth. 

Now when Rick made it to the apt he came in and scanned the place. He made a few snide comments  then Mitchell and him left out. Thank Jesus that they did because after that little greeting I was ready to throw him out myself.  You see I am old school and my mama is in her seventies so she taught me old school.  

When you go into a person's house you don't make any little cute comments that will get you thrown out faster than a ghost at an exorcism.  You do like my mama told me.  When I walk into a person's home I am privileged to step through the door.  I give that person the up most respect that you can possibly imagine. I do not make little jokes that might insult my hosts. If I have the ability to give that type of respect to a person then I can expect that type of respect from my guests but to get on with what I was saying.

So they both left and Mitchell told me that he would only be gone a few minutes.  A few minutes turned out to be a few hours.  I am not exactly sure how many hours they were gone because when midnight came I got ready and decided to go out.  I was going to go to my friend Harry's place.  I called him before I left to be sure that it was ok but the events that happened next were almost improbable. 

So I left out of the apartment a few minutes after midnight and made my way down Peachtree like going to SCAD.  Now I was walking on the left side of the road where the Kroger used to be and I saw two boys walk all the way across from the other side of the street to get to me.   I will never forget their faces as long as I live.

Both boys were young between the ages of 16 and 20.  One boy was very light skinned and the other boy was a little darker but not by that much.  They both were around my height and they were skinner than me.  I would think they both were about one hundred and sixty pounds or so.  They both were wearing hoods and hats and they both made the same comments.  

They said “What is wrong with you man you don't believe in God.”  

They thought for some reason that I hated God or something of that nature then they made threats to kill and hurt me. Thank God I had my “all purpose” stick with me.  They both charged me at once and I swung my stick.  I was not afraid of them at all.  I told them they did not have the guts to kill me and they should go on home before they got hurt.  I have to admit that for someone that did not want to be in that situation instigating the problem further did not help matters at all. 

I was already so pissed though.  Here is Mitchell lying to me again saying that he was only going to be gone for a few minutes and never returned then I was all by myself and all I wanted to make it to my friend's house on Tenth St. Of course I could not even do that without some violent melodrama happening.  Yes I was very angry. They said that they would hurt me if I did not have my stick in my hand.  I felt it was only fair since they had a knife in theirs.

I eventually got so mad that I told the light skinned guy to go home and that he wanted to kill me but he could not keep his word as a man.  He should try again on another day when he grows up and I was doing them both a favor by letting them go unharmed.  When I said that the light skinned guy came in front of me, grabbed me by the back of the neck with his is left hand and pulled me forward close to him. He lunged something into my stomach with his right hand. 

I knew that he tried to stab me but I did not feel anything.   I saw the back pack I was wearing got in front of me and the guy. That means it must have gotten in front of the knife he tried to use too.  The funny thing about it was that I was so pissed at Mitchell that night that I took his back pack because I did not have one of my own.  Is that ironic or what?  When I inspected the bag I found two small holes close to the bottom of the back pack where he tried to stab me.  I thought to myself  “Son of a bitch he really did try and stab me.”  I guess for me I did not think he was for real nor had the heart until I saw with my own eyes what had happened. 

After that I would think a sane person would have gone back to the apartment but who would have called me totally sane.  Besides I was pissed at Mitchell and I did not want to give him the satisfaction of being around me when he should not have lied in the first place. 

I lost my bearing a few times going to Harry's place.  After the night I just went through who would have thought there was more to come.  

I was about three hours over due getting to his place.  Of course Harry was not too happy with me being so late.  I explained to him what happened and in the middle of telling him the story he already knew the details.  He told me that it was a gentle warning to let me know that I should not be out walking that late at night.  He told me that the same incident has happened to a few others almost in the same exact spot. 

So now my suspicion and my guard are up because there was no one and I mean there was no one on the street at that hour.  The streets were totally bare.  The only way that  he could have known what had happened was that he saw me first hand or that he planned it.  I was not ready to call him two faced just yet. It could have been the tina really affecting his brain and his judgment.  The whole plan of coming there was to get some stuff but Harry. (another hoody ninja)

He had the idea that since it was my birthday just to give me a really good shot.  I went in the room and we both got naked and I prepared the shot. I hit it right on the money the first time in.  Wow that was one of the best shots that I had in the longest time.  It went in clean and the feeling started right in the middle and spread to the rest of my body.  I was thanking him a lot and wanted to thank him in more ways than one but something interesting happened. 

The feeling in me would not level off and dissipate.  The feeling kept on and on and before I knew it I could not control myself and I just passed out on the bed.  Now I did not know I passed out until a few hours later I woke up and I was on the foot of his bed.  When I woke up he started making these weird comments and told me to look at the screen.  

He has this huge flat screen in his bedroom that was the hot as hell.  When I looked at the screen there was this porn playing with all this guys taking their turn on this unsuspecting little guy in the movie.  I thought the scene took place at the local bath house but no matter the place Harry told me that what happened in the porn is what just happened to me.  Basically what he was saying was that when I was knocked out all these guys took their turn with me.  Harry made like he did not know everything that went on because he just came into the situation.  I know that not to be true because I knew what happened before the time that I blacked out.  Makes me think that Harry slipped something in my point or the tina that he gave me was not tina.  

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