Monday, April 23, 2012

Nobody on the planet Earth

So writing articles is definitely a different animal than writing a story or book. I was in the Writer's Digest Community getting aspects and criticisms on a short story I wrote and this guy with all his infinite wisdom, knowledge, sarcasm and disrespect decided to do me a favor. He corrected and edited my work.

Basically he told me that what I wrote was dribble with a lot of grammar mistakes. Now I need to say that the previous statement is not a direct quote because I would not want anyone to tell me I write complete garbage again. heheheh...

It is all funny to me because he apologized in the beginning for being an asshole. He knew exactly what he was going to do. Although he was completely accurate in the corrections he made he was just a dick about it. Thank God I am me or the comments he made would have totally crushed a regular human being or made them cry.

I enjoy writing stories. I will continue to write stories. There is nobody on this fucking planet Earth that will make me stop writing stories. Anyway who ever said writers make the best editors. That is why editors are here to help improve the work of us writers. He might be the one editing my book that Publish America will be coming out with in the next few months.

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