Monday, April 30, 2012

I had a hallucination about Dr. Drew

So, I am watching Dr, Drew as I normally do every night and I am realizing something. Dr Drew is hot. Now, I need to clarify something. I have always found Dr. Drew hot and Anderson Cooper would come in a very accepting second. He has always been attractive to me every since I saw him on MTV's Loveline but I am sure this a fine illusion that will ever happen.

Now we get to my hallucination/fantasy. This happened about a year ago when I was living off Peachtree, It was a very hot day and I was walking past the Super 8 Motel, close to SCAD on Peachtree. It was rush hour and so many cars were passing by. I could have sworn people were looking at me from inside their cars as if they recognized me. All of a sudden I saw Dr Drew driving by, but he looked mad as hell at me like I talked about his mama or something. Our eyes met and he sped off like he wanted to run over me. 

Now whether that was him or not I can't sure. Of course you a reading a blog from a guy that had an argument with a security guard that turned out to be Eddie Griffin and saw Anne Rice all in the same day. 


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