Saturday, June 9, 2012

All is well that ends hell part three

First, thank you to everyone that enjoy the nonsense and rhetoric I like to call "The Illiterate Tripe". I like writing poems, short stories or any piece of written work that express how one feels. The trick to all this expression is the sharing. I want everyone to share any piece of literary work that you have no matter how stupid, crazy or dumb you may think it is.  If you believe your work is tripe just bring it on over and I will post it here with your name on it. What many people may not see, a few bright eyed individuals will feel what you are writing. I guarantee it.

Second, it is hard to get back into the swing of things. I need to get back into my column that hopefully does a great job of preaching gay unity. That is important to me. I feel that the gay community does not have the type of unity the black community has shown during times of struggle for rights and freedoms. I dedicate myself to accepting every gay person and supporter in the gay community that want to see our rights be established. 

In other words, those that want for me the same happiness as they want for themselves are my family and I will stand up for my family and fight for my family. 

Change is not a terrible thing but it is interesting when you have to go with the flow. I want everyone that is close to me to have nothing but productive lives that benefit so many but in the end we have to learn to take care of ourselves. Now, I am not saying that we must be selfish and only think of self. I am saying that stability comes from a strong centered foundation that I am learning about everyday. It is hard to be there for others when you can't be there for yourself so learning how to build one's foundation is a must but don't be selfish and keep the secret to yourself. Learn, grow and share that will be key elements of unified family. If it is within my ability, I won't teach a hungry man just how to fish but I will make sure they don't have to fish alone.

I said that I was never really a dreamer but I am seeing that dreams are more than just abstract pictures in your noggin. They are the things we hold dear to us that have the probability of coming true. except this time; I want my dreams to be everyone's golden reality.

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