Friday, June 8, 2012

All is well that ends hell part two

Well, here I am, day two out of the the hospital and things seem less hazy than they were a few days ago.  I am up and about, more optimistic and feel ready to get back on the horse called life I think. I know there are things that are unclear when I write like this and I promise I am going to explain everything to all you readers out there. It is hard to recall emotional and physical ills that happen to you because you don't want to believe that life really stood still for a moment just to put you in a bind where you had to be rescued from.

One of the main things that I want everyone to know is that since I am no longer in a relationship I am cutting out the "My Big Gay Boyfriend" portion of this blog and replacing it was something I like to call "The Illiterate Tripe". I want to showcase more of my writings in any form I choose whether it be poems, stories or songs in my head. I don't care how messed, how many misspelled words you see at first, or how unorthodox it may look; expression is just like love or truth, it is in the eye of the one beholding.

Also if anyone out there wants to share their writing or wants to join me in a book I am writing I would welcome your help. I don't care how stupid you think your work is or how many times someone downs what you have created, that is the type of work that I sincerely welcome to have along side of mine. This whole book is about expression and that no one has the door locked on what moves people.

 "Life moves me so I decided to return the favor." Gregory Kelley

Last, I am still a little dazed up from all the stuff they gave me in the hospital but make no mistake, one of the things that is not confused is my diligence to supporting my LGBT community and telling it like it is. I don't care who or what says differently. I am dedicated to the gay relationship even if I don't have one of my own and hopefully all of you can learn from the mistakes that I have made.

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