Friday, June 22, 2012

I hope I am keeping my promise to be better

So this is my friend Bryan. I talk about him in post and he runs his own blog called "Uncle B's Corner" which you can should read if you want to get the same cool spiritual advice I have received all these years.

You know I go through lots of things that I want to say nobody should go through but I can't. You play the hand that is dealt to you through life and expect everything from the worse to the better part of the spectrum. Through his own life, even to this day, he is living proof that perspective and philosophy can overcome the challenging of woes.

I have known Bryan for close to nine years and still don't understand know what to expect from him expect that there is no challenge he won't face with eyes open and attitude adjusted. He understands people which is  a gift I wish I had more of.

I remember I was so mad one time that I left out of his house and made it as far as the curb between his SUV and another car. He could not see where I was but he found me. It was like he had a homing beacon knowing exactly where I was at. It has always been like that  between him and I. I have to admit, I am glad he knows where to find me because sometimes I get lost.

I write articles, I write blogs and I never thought I'm good at writing. He always told me "Greg you should be writing." It's because of him that I am taking a break from technology for a moment to see if I can do this writing thing justice. I have never been a big writer meaning, I have always felt that one of the principles of how I write is to 'tell it like it is'. He inspired me to create reality novellas. I want to tell my story my way mistakes and all. My writing is to the point and straight from the hip. It was Bryan who taught me that stories don't have to have happy ending but an inspiring journey. That is what Bryan is to me, an inspiring quest to understand. I am proud that he wanted me to go on this journey with him.

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