Saturday, June 16, 2012

I am ok and I am not

I am ok and I am not. How is that for confusion? Sometimes I want to be powerful and sometimes I don't want to have the strength to do anything. There is no big mystery to it, I am just tired of the rut I easily find myself in sometimes. Recently I have just been told I am very angry and really I am just numb. Again, no big mystery.

I guess this sudden perception of my behavior comes from the fact that I don't want to fight a battle right now. Now, that is different than paying my dues or putting in work. I am always ready to put in work when the time comes. Sometimes you have to put your so-called sorrow to the side and kick in your share like a man but battling right now is something I don't feel like doing.

I don't feel like battling my demons, battling my past, battling any people that want to call me enemy and I especially don't feel like battling life.  Beside, more battles are on the way I am sure of it. With this book I have coming out and the articles that I do, I am sure there will be plenty of discord to settle. Peace is a wonderful thing. My advice to you is to have as much of it as possible when possible.

I am not complaining or ranting. In fact I was contemplating if I was going to tell everyone that I feel like being someone else sometimes but there is nothing wrong with my life expect for a few improbable issues that always seem to catch me up. Funny, improbability that happens all the time is nothing more than very possible on the cusp of usually.

No, one said that my life was boring except me and boy I could stand a little action right about now. For now, I will start to write more about what I want to happen to me rather than what has happened to me. I can do that at least until this book finally makes its appearance from Publish America. I am staring at my symbolic $1 with pride right now and I tell you what; that dollar looks like a million to me right now.

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