Thursday, June 14, 2012

Want to make a movie?

Ok, so this is an all-call meaning that I could use some help on a project. My friend Bryan just wrote a great post dealing with the lack of conversation about HIV these days and how the new generation of gay individuals coming out could really use the info.  Actually he hit on a lot of topics from the DL black community to empathy dealing with this situation.

Of course I love to write just like Bryan and I have a movie idea I would like to see brought to life. The only problem is I have never written a movie or know nothing about what it takes to make a movie, but I have a title in my head and a loving story in my heart that encompasses all that facets my friend is trying to express.

So, this is a simple post. If you would like to talk and I mean seriously talk about making a movie that deals with our times, our culture, our love and our struggles contact me at or call me at 678-509-3740.  Like I said, I know nothing about putting a movie together but I have heart and soul. I promise I will put in as much energy as anyone is willing to put into this idea. 


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