Monday, June 25, 2012

My raw canvas of expression

So, if you have not checked out my blog of expression called "The Illiterate Tripe" please do so. I always said I am a decent writer just a terrible editor. I have misspelled words and thing out of place in my writing sometimes but when I am writing on pure emotion and feeling; I just can't wait to get the energy out.

Everyday I am discovering how much I really love to write. I am quite honored that people enjoy my articles on Examiner. I am passionate about unifying the gay community and uplifting us to the status of equality that is owed a long time ago by this country.

When I talk about unity in regards to the LGBT community, I don't see white gay, black guy or any division of gay that keeps us separated. In this fight for what we believe in as a gay nation, our enemies don't stand against us because of the color of our skin. They dislike us because we are gay and on that same premise we should be able to unite.

These concepts I try to express at every opportunity I possibly can. I do it in my poems, in my articles and in my life. When I think about it, writing moves me to do this. If I have a pen in my hand or a keyboard underneath my fingers, I have power. I can help shape this world and I don't want to waste the chance for my life to mean something.

Let's all remember that our lives have purpose and that goes for every last one of us. Everyone needs a canvas to express the meaning of the life they live. Think of misspelled words as mistakes on way to expression. I am happy that imperfect forms exist because who said perfect is what I wanted to be.

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