Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I am watching Dr Drew again

Ok, it is no secret I am a crush on Dr. Drew on HLN which will never be fulfilled because his wife looks like she can cut a bitch. That still does not stop me from fantasizing and enjoying the show as a whole. I have been watching Dr Drew since Loveline and Adam Corolla so on MTV so I remember the good ole' days.

The reason I am bringing this up is Dr. Drew is talking about plastic surgery and I am looking at the pictures of this black chick and her booty is out of control. I am not trying to pick at anyone but this girl named Vanity Wonder, she is injecting her ass with stuff that I am sure God did not intend to go in her.

And I am not trying to judge because God knows I am not the best looking in the world but looks fade.  I got news for all the beautiful people. There is a lot more of us than there are of you. I feel for this poor girls situation because she regrets her decision but at least she does not want anyone else to feel self-degraded as she once did.

Looks is a subject I don't think about because I hold my own beauty in my own eyes. And I don't talk about the beauty that you can see. I am speaking about the the boundless intangible beauty that you have to see with your third eye and feel with your spirit. When looks leave us all this wondrous beauty is the thing that will be left and it is like soul or class. If you have to ask about it, you just don't have it. I would rather have my inward beauty than my physical beauty any day of the week.

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