Monday, June 11, 2012

I want to move mountains

I am back in the swing of things. I got out three articles today and have a whole lot more to catch up on. While I was trying to make my relationship work, a gay nation went without "The Voice of Resistance".  That is what I like to call myself when it comes to gay issues. In fact that is what a lot of people like to call me. Some people really believe that I am against the progress being made this year for gay rights but the only thing I am questioning are the motives of the people that want to help the cause. Nobody does anything for free.

I don't resist everything. For example, I would not resist some good loving right about now. Maybe that is too much information, but saying what I feel has always been a strong suit of mine. The bottom line is that you can't move mountains keeping your mouth shut. I wish everything I had to say was worth two cents but the fact of the matter is not everything I write or express is not worth a plum nickel until I am able to add some more value into the mix. Resistance comes at a price.

I don't intentionally mean to be such a pain in the ass but to tell you the truth it is just as an important job as being an asshole. Assholes are needed in the world just like a big pain in the ass. We keep things honest or we are the worlds punching bag one of the two. If that last statement is true then we were designed to take punishment and pain.

So put me up there with Howard Stern and Fred Sandford. We got a lot of laughs to go and I have a lot of fist-work to take.

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