Thursday, June 28, 2012

I should be careful that everyone I see isn't gay

Lately everyone I see is gay. I don't know why I have not noticed it or was not aware of some of my actions. I was taking a walk just a couple of days ago and saw this guy walking on the other side of the road. I noticed from a distance that he nice looking but I have a thing for rednecks and country boys anyway.

I was walking down the street breaking my neck to get a good glimpse of this guy is when I caught myself speaking out loud. I was saying things like "damn he is fine" with no care in the world or no hint of caution. Now you have to remember, my hometown of Aiken SC is not the best place in the world for a gay person to exhibit their pride and feeling. It is nothing like when I am in Atlanta. Thing are more free there and people are not so uptight. I suppose just because I live in Atlanta half of the time does not mean I should be halfway cautious. In fact the same street where I was walking reminded me of another incident that happened when I was young. 

I was walking home from the barber shop and I was on Vaucluse Rd about to turn right onto Church St. That's when this truck came speeding down the hill. Two white guys were leaning out the window and they yelled the word "nigger" at me a few times. They never stopped. I saw them speed further down the street until they reached the other side of the hill. I guess my feet were stuck in place because when I finally wrapped my head around what happened I turned on Church St and ran up the very very steep hill with all my energy. 

I never told anybody what happened to me that morning. Hell, I don't have any clue why I am writing it now except for the fact that I should have been more discreet in my actions the other day. If that unknown guy heard me making those comment he could have attacked or taken me into the nearby park to slit my throat. It has happened with other gay people before why not now? 

Funny how feelings put your mind back in past places and scenes. I was not scared just a little fearful after I made those comments like some construction worker catcalling a hot mamma passing by. But it was the right place, time and person which helped me remember. Memories, such a great thing huh?

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