Sunday, June 17, 2012

Silly question where does time go

I was just thinking, isn't it a silly question...Where does time go? I know where it goes. It happens all at the same point, at the same moment, in linear space but we still miss it. When we ask that question, what we are really asking ourselves is "Where did my life go?" That is the question relative to everyone. Whether we have millions dollars or a pauper on the street, everyone alive ask that question of themselves at one time.

There is no shame in that fact. In fact, a wise man once told me that "Life will always give you more questions that answers." That is how it is supposed to be. When you come down to it, that answer can be submitted for every question on the planet.

"Why am I here? Because that is how it is supposed to be"

But no man with a shred of pride or logic will take that as a definite answer. I know this and every person that ever questioned the meaning of existence knows this. "There is no regret in asking a simple question of the cosmos."  The Doctor said. I used to watch "Dr. Who" when I was a boy. I fantasized about being him and knowing different things, seeing different things and just wanting to understand.

How we come full circle, you know. I am still a boy in a way. I love cartoons, I still drink kool-aid, I still watch Dr. Who and I still get hurt. I never said in my life that life does not hurt me, I just said "We all are used to it." Is that a messed up general statement or what? How can I speak for everyone? I guess in all things I want to relate to everyone else through the one thing that makes us human. Our pain....

Another wise man once told me "The best comedy comes from the worst tragedy." We see great tragedy in life and laugh because it is not us in the mist of the storm. But everybody must laugh sometime in laugh which means our turn on stage eventually dawns us. So all you linear beings out there, just be you and remember that everybody has to be funny sometime in their lives.

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