Saturday, June 30, 2012

What moves me? What moves you?

Someone asked me some time ago why do I write?  What motivates me to get up in the morning and want to write what I can? I thought about this question a lot over the past couple of weeks and now I believe I am ready to answer it.

When he asked me the question "why do I write", what he was really asking about is the motivation in my heart. What moves me so to speak? There is a difference in those two questions. The first question just wants reasons why I decided to write in the first place but the latter question wants to know why I pick up my pen or type on my keyboard everyday.

Now, if you want to know why I started to write in the first place, it's because I wanted to organize the truth in my head. So many things happen to a person and no one contain all those events without fail. I want to make sure I have my life in some sort of order even if it is on paper.

Now if you are asking what moves me, that question is a little harder to answer. I want to say it has to do with the monthly check. Though I am grateful for every person that reads or enjoys my columns on Examiner and here on my blog, I don't have that large of a following to where I am paying the rent yet. Honestly,  I am passionate about the subjects that I share to the public. I write about gay issues and relationships. Though I am not the best editor in the world, I have received compliments from some individuals that told me "They get it." They understand where I am coming from. A misspelled word here and comma out of place there, is not acceptable but it does not detour people from the message I am honored to give.

That messages has to do with gay community receiving all the respect due to us and stopping the cancer of prejudice even within our own ranks. And yes, we all know there is prejudice within our own gay gay community against each other and I want to show a different way. I want us to receive the rights and not make the deaths of all the gay people that have suffered in vain and is neither impossible nor over-dramatic. Gay teen suicide, gay bashing, harassment and HIV is not over-dramatic but real.

When it comes to my blogs, I am moved by understanding life. I write to put understanding to order. I want to know and understand. I see things a little different than most and that does not make me unusual. Writing to every person here and on my blog The Illiterate Tripe gives me a conduit to move knowledge through back and forth both ways. To know that you have read mt work and that you enjoy what you read, is power  There is nobody on the planet appreciates that more than me and hopefully thank you is accurate enough to express that appreciation.

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