Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Why me?" is such a silly question isn't it?

Why me?  I am sure that over time that question has been asked by every rational being in the cosmos. When do we really ask ourselves this question? I guess mostly when we find ourselves on the funny end of tragedy spectrum that nobody wants to find themselves on. So we sit around asking ourselves "Why me?"

I am sitting her looking at The Black Atheist of Atlanta and I want to clear something up about some things said. I enjoy watching these two brothers really tackle issues in the black community from their perspective. Now I don't take to their stance of being against homosexuality and how they express there opinions about the subject but I don't have a problem with them communicating their values.

This is one thing about being gay we all must understand.  It's just like LZ Granderson and his speech about the secret gay agenda. The agenda was so secret that gay people did not know it was but we were confused when people communicated about the topic. The reason we were confused because we first fell into the trap that there was something to look for because heterosexual individuals were so passionate about the subject.

So as a gay community, we must understand that have to stop asking the silly question "Why me?" especially when all some people wish to do is communicate their view and we must be bold enough to stop looking for something that is not there. Some people will always have a problem with us existing but that does not mean we have the problem just because they are passionate and diligent about their point of view. And, we have to stop labeling everybody as homophobic just because they have a issue with being gay.  Long as they don't stand in the way of the rights that due to all gay people then we don't have a problem but since the black community has not felt the full force of equality we both should be on the same page.

I don't know why this issue is on my mind. I was thinking that these two individuals really drop informative knowledge and really understand enough about African spirituality to relate it to themselves and their lives. It just happens to be that homosexuality is not part of their life system. Well heterosexuality is not part of my life system  because I can only be who I am and strong enough to carry that type of spirit within me. That is the type of unity and knowledge I want to share with my gay community which all gay people that read this blog.

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