Friday, May 4, 2012

Anybody want to take me to the royal ball?

If anybody knows anything about me, I stay to myself a great deal. I used to get accused of being snobbish or stuck because I did not like to hang with the mainstream. I loved it when other black people thought I did not like my own my race because I did not go out when asked. It was not that, it just that I am an introvert somewhat which means I did not hang around anybody. I have exhibited this type of behavior since I was young.

Now, I am at a point where I feel like I may want to go out more. Atlanta is a big town and I have not really been anywhere. Nobody has seen the real me go out to shake a tail feather and I can get down. Also, I have been invited to a few functions like the Human Rights Campaign Annual Dinner and the PFLAG Out with the Stars Dinner. Any guys out there want to be my date to help me impress the big heads?  hehehe

Also do not forget to go to to support Reuben Lack. This straight 18you high school student stood up for the gay community and the school district took something from him that he deserves. The petition is to support him because he was there for us.

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