Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stick your hand down the drain

So, I am watching the gay movie "Love Valor Compassion" which is a fantastic movie by the way. If you are younger than the age of 35 download it and see if your eyes will be open. So, there is a part in the movie where Gregory, the choreographer, is working on this dance number for an AIDS benefit but he is so frustrated that the whole piece is not coming together. Also, this younger, beautiful Puerto Rican modern dancer, Ramon, had sex with Bobby, Gregory boyfriend, at Gregory's house. Now, Bobby did come clean about how it happened but it just came at the worse possible time.

So, Gregory comes downstairs and Ramon is talking to him all happy and nonchalant, then all of a sudden Gregory comes over to the garbage disposal turns it on, comes behind Ramon, put him in an choke hold and arm lock and yells "Stick your hand down the drain!" This always happy-go-lucky, stuttering, harmless individual had a momentary lapse of rational behavior and rightful so. Ramon had sex with his boyfriend and  repeatedly come to his house several times after that. Gregory continued to welcome Ramon with open arms even after he found out about the affair.

My whole issue is, not trying to be racist but clearing up confusion on this double-edged sword, why are black people looked at as behaving savagely and violently when we have the same fit of rage? I remember two years ago there was this one individual that was noting but trouble to the point where he drove me to rage just by being in his presence. He would talk bad about me, he would lie, owe everybody money and would just cause my relationship so many problems it was not funny. He actually broke into our apartment one day, slept on our floor, ate the food out the cabinet and no one had a clue this person was there.

One day my boyfriend made a lapse in judgment by letting this person back in the house. So, we happen to be in the kitchen alone and he made some disrespectful comment about my boyfriend, which makes me angrier than if you said a disrespectful remark towards me. Now, we had a garbage disposal but a knife was closer than switch on the wall for the disposal. I got behind this individual and when he turned around he backed up into the corner when he saw the knife in my hand. We basically had a conversation about appreciation and respect. I wanted him to understand that I was not going to tolerate what he did to me and I was not going to allow a person to disrespect my boyfriend in our house especially since it was my boyfriend that let his trifling self back in the door.

He ran out the kitchen and before I knew it he left. No, I am not happy about what happened and yes, the lapse of rational behavior was momentary but would I do it again? You damn right I would. I am going to do whatever I can to protect my respect, my house and the one I love plus his respect as well. The price is too high to do anything else. So, this Gregory in real life thinks that Gregory from the movie did the right thing. Anybody named Gregory is right. heheh

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