Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thank you to all my readers

I just want to blog today and say thank you to everybody that enjoyed the article about Dan Savage. I was apprehensive about writing the article in the first place. I did not want to seem as a traitor to my community for expressing my disappointment in Dan Savage's behavior in Seattle recently.

I believe the truth does not set you free but what you do with the truth will set you free. Though Dan Savage was expressing his view, he forgot he was dealing with children. He made of one of the audience members cry.  Children are not adults.

The second thing that got me off guard was the statement he made in reaction to people walking out.  We have no clue the type of hell others faced through dark periods of this country's violent hypocrisy. They are the ones that have been pushed and beat. Compared to those times we have just been pinched. Dan Savage made it sound like he and our community went through the fire, so he could stand up and bully others that don't know the whole story of how this country treated gay people.

Bottom line is, others felt the same way I did and I appreciated the support.  If you have not read the article please click the link and thank you.

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